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Welcome to Fanology. Our forte lies in actively engaging your core fanbase or harnessing your partners' followers to drive your business's long-term goals. Often, we collaborate with traditional marketing teams lacking the bandwidth to focus on the core fanbase. For brands without a dedicated fan engagement strategy, valuable marketing assets and opportunities often go untapped. If this resonates with your brand, we're eager to connect. Below, explore a selection of campaigns we've curated for various clients. Fanology: The fanclub agency for you brand.


Fanology has long been entrusted with storytelling for Toyota USA owner stories. Real-life fans share their tales, connecting authentically with potential buyers, showcasing their impact and connections. Our filmmakers work closely with our social media researchers, curating and capturing these impactful narratives. They resonate across digital media and dealership spaces, forging genuine connections and engaging audiences.


Your most fervent supporters might just be your employees—the very individuals who craft and promote your product day in and day out. Recognizing this, Microsoft hosts "One Week," an annual global event that unites employees to foster innovation, drive change, and make an impact. Our role? To craft engaging content that celebrates these brilliant minds, highlighting the reasons why joining the Microsoft team is a monumental step for any fan.


Super73®, initially launched on Kickstarter, exceeding expectations by raising over $400,000—far surpassing their $25,000 goal. They turned to Fanology for strategic digital marketing across social and email to build on their existing fanbase. We started by identifying exactly who their core fans were and what made them tick then amplified  this audience across platforms including Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. The result: a 105% surge in revenue, an 18% increase in sales, and an astounding 56% boost in Return on Ad Spend, generating a $20 return for every ad dollar invested.


Fanology partnered with Lifetime Fitness, encompassing 170 athletic country clubs nationwide and a vibrant community of over 1.5 million enthusiastic members. Our mission? To orchestrate engagements that seamlessly intertwined their devoted fanbase with brand partners, ensuring mutual benefits. Our tailored campaigns strategically integrated into Lifetime events and utilized in-gym TV screens, fostering stronger brand affinity and a significant boost to the bottom line.


For over a decade, we've proudly partnered with Toyota. In a recent campaign, our mission was to unite Olympic athlete fans and Toyota enthusiasts, fostering a shared connection between these communities. The outcome? A whopping 50+ short films crafted, generating a staggering million social media impressions and tens of millions of video views. Here's a brief summary of our kick off campaign.


In a bid to connect with movie theater chain's most devoted fans, Fanology took the reins to craft messaging around Regal's new in-app content. Our mission was to introduce the old-fashioned theatrical playbill, transitioning it into an engaging online movie bill that would be showcased at Regal Cinemas all over North America. This fresh content aimed to captivate audiences, encouraging them to share their experiences, while also providing deeper insights into how their biggest fans engage with the brand.


Fanology led the social media drive for a groundbreaking event: lighting up the Empire State Building with endangered animal images for the impactful "Racing Extinction" project, engaging animal enthusiasts and activists. Targeting influential NYC social channels, we sparked discussions and mobilized passionate fans, making the event trend on Twitter for 100 minutes at #2, with 38 trends in 215 minutes. Our team actively engaged New Yorkers on Instagram and Twitter, igniting curiosity and discussions. This strategic initiative within the fanbase harnessed social media's power to drive awareness and catalyze change.


Fanology was assigned the responsibility of laying the foundation for the initial fanbase of America's premier television festival, SeriesFest—an esteemed non-profit organization dedicated to championing and empowering trailblazing artists in episodic storytelling. Collaborating with influential figures like Common, we crafted compelling social narratives that encapsulated the fervor for episodic television, positioning SeriesFest at the epicenter of this vibrant storytelling community.


CRI-HELP stands by the belief that addiction services should always be accessible, irrespective of financial circumstances. They rely on the support of their dedicated donors and biggest fans to continue this mission. Fanology partnered with Danny Trejo to produce the powerful "Fight" Commercial for CRI-Help's new capital raise, showcasing the possibility of recovery and offering hope. This impactful video encouraged CRI-Help's fans to deepen their engagement and share the message within their communities.


With the launch of the new Mini, the aim was to bring together Mini's biggest fans across the US for extraordinary test drives. These weren't your ordinary drives; they were truly Mini-tastic! Collaborating with Campos Creative Works, we crafted an incredible fan experience, captured the excitement on camera, and shared the ecstatic reactions of Mini's devoted fanbase with the world.


Lexus sought to make a splash at the LA Autoshow and entrusted us to devise a campaign that would resonate with electronic dance fans and top aftermarket technicians. Our idea? Take a car on a cross-country journey, meeting aftermarket mods and renowned DJs along the way, to craft a unique custom vehicle. This bespoke creation stole the spotlight at the convention center during the auto show, capturing attention and acclaim.


We're exclusively seeking a new brand client ready to amplify their fanbase with tailor-made content, unlocking the benefits of engaging with their audience on a whole new level.

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