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Are you an out-of-state producer looking for assistance in Oklahoma? Look no further! We specialize in providing comprehensive production support services tailored to your needs. From location scouting to film crew selection, vendor connections to managing local challenges, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Guidance: Our experienced team understands the intricacies of out-of-state productions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Tailored Solutions: We customize our production services to match your project's unique requirements, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Maximized Rebates: We’ll assist in crafting your rebate application to tell your story effectively, increasing your chances of securing the maximum Oklahoma film incentive and know how to keep track of all expenses to ensure a swift payout.


Our Filmmakers Ranch production services team prides themselves on the crafting of successful productions.


Partner with us and let’s bring your vision to life stress-free!


At our core, we see locations as more than mere backdrops; they're part of the cast. Our production support team doesn't just scout locations; we weave stories into them. Picture us as Oklahoma film location matchmakers, finding spots that fit your budget like a glove, reducing those expensive unit moves and maximizing your budget on screen. Armed with an extensive network and an eye for the quirky, we unearth hidden gems that add zest to your story, ensuring each frame speaks volumes. Trust us to turn your film into a location-based adventure, with handpicked spots that steal the show and elevate your movie to cinematic greatness!



With our robust Oklahoma network, we link you to top talents, ensuring extensive local involvement in your project. This cuts out-of-state film crew costs, reducing expenses on accommodations, flights, and per diems. Our profound understanding of Oklahoma's skilled crew, honed through significant productions like "Killers of the Flower Moon" and "Tulsa King," shatters any skepticism about Oklahoma's film crew expertise. Count on us for our insider insights, adept at crewing up for major productions and budget-friendly projects alike, positioning us as your ultimate crew-sourcing team for your film.


We're masters at vendor selection, dedicated to sourcing within Oklahoma to save on transportation costs and maximize your Oklahoma film incentive rebate. Whether it's trucks, trailers, mini-vans, grip and electric gear, specialized cameras, or even the finer details like Hollywood-grade laun (your construction team will appreciate this), we've got the playbook on where to find it all. By choosing local vendors, not only do we streamline your production needs, but we also support Oklahoma businesses, boosting your rebate, saving you money, and sparing you from logistical headaches.



Securing approval for the Oklahoma rebate is fiercely competitive and not guaranteed. However, our collaborative approach significantly boosts your prospects. Leveraging our expertise, we enhance your application, increasing its chances for approval. Together, we'll craft a comprehensive submission spotlighting your project's economic impact, emphasizing local spending, Oklahoma job creation, training initiatives (which we oversee), and strategies to strengthen Oklahoma's film infrastructure and rural engagement — all feasible with the right guidance. Our proven success in guiding rebate applications sets your project up with the best chance for approval.


When the unexpected crashes the party, we're the heroes who can save the day! Armed with expertise and Oklahoma connections deeper than a well-dug oil well, our production services team tackles local issues quicker than a squirrel nabbing a nut. Be it surprise hurdles or instant snags, count on us to smooth out those wrinkles with the finesse of a Hollywood makeup artist. With our local ties and insider know-how, your shoot sails smoothly, even needing last-minute freeway closures or a visa glitch demands a private jet - we've got it covered faster than you can yell "Action!"



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