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At Filmmakers Ranch, we go beyond being a mere stop for the established film industry; we're staunch advocates for fresh perspectives and burgeoning talent. Our goal is simple: create a space that embraces diversity in filmmaking. To achieve this, we proudly offer not just one, but two unique Filmmakers Ranch production grants. For students and emerging short filmmakers navigating tight budgets, our volunteer program opens doors to essential equipment and studio space. Conversely, for low budget feature films under $750,000, we extend deferred fees and backend points in exchange for our backing. Our mission is clear: to ensure every filmmaker, irrespective of their career stage or financial resources, discovers a nurturing environment within our dynamic community. Dive deeper by exploring the appropriate page below!


In a tightly woven seven and a half minutes, the collaborative effort led by writer/director Jordan Martin, accompanied by writers Justin Jayne and Jordan Wilson, and writer/producer Ben Richardson, dives deep into the thought-provoking themes of choice, consequence, self-reliance, seeking help, and unwavering family commitment. Embracing simplicity as its hallmark, the film masterfully encapsulates these intricate facets within a briskly paced, finely crafted narrative. Notably, the short film achieved remarkable success, securing 15 awards out of 16 nominations at the esteemed OKC 48 Hour Film Project, including the coveted 'Best Film' accolade. Moreover, 'Leak' ascended to the Top 10 in the 48's global competition "Filmapalooza," earning a prestigious spot in this year's Festival de Cannes' Short Film Corner.

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