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Once upon a time, in a land filled with cinematic daydreams and buttery popcorn clouds, our dynamic duo, Richard Janes and Amy Duzinski, embarked on their very first date.


Little did they know that eighteen years later this flirtatious encounter would spark the creation of Filmmakers Ranch, a place where filmmakers roam free, herding ideas and wrangling creativity like it's nobody's business.

Picture this: Amy, a recent UCLA producers program grad with a deal at Paramount Pictures, and Richard, a young British director darting between London and Los Angeles while juggling projects at LionsGate, Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers, teamed up in a dazzling alliance. Their romance wasn't just a rom-com; it was a blockbuster in the making.

As they held hands and strolled through the movie magic of their minds, they dreamt of a place where filmmakers could frolic and gambol, taking risks like action heroes on caffeine. A place where quality of life could match the quality of production and good honest people were actively supporting each others dreams.  And so, the idea of the ultimate filmmakers playground was born—a place where dreams were shot in 8K and nightmares edited out in post-production.

But for this dream to become a reality, the tale had to take an unexpected turn! In a twist of fate, Richard and Amy traded the glitzy glamour of Hollywood for the wide-open spaces of Oklahoma. Little did they know that this move would introduce them to a new character in their narrative—a character who would play a pivotal role in bringing Filmmakers Ranch to life.

Enter Melodie Garneau, a local film industry supporter with a heart as big as the Oklahoma sky. It was in this charming state that Richard and Amy, armed with their Hollywood dreams and a bit of country charm, teamed with Melodie in what felt like the perfect plot twist.

Melodie, with an uncanny ability to network and a knack for turning dreams into reality, became the missing link that would transform Filmmakers Ranch from a whimsical idea into a down-home, cinematic haven. Together, this trio of dreamers—Richard, Amy, and Melodie—crafted a tale that blended Hollywood glitz with Oklahoma grit, creating a recipe for success as unique as a Spencer cowboy riding off into the sunset.

So, the next time you find yourself wandering the halls of Filmmakers Ranch, remember to not only tip your hat to the rom-com pioneers who turned a flirtatious exchange into a cinematic utopia and raise a toast to Melodie Garneau, the unsung hero who added a touch of Oklahoma magic to the story of a ranch where dreams are the main course, and the popcorn flows like a river of cinematic joy.

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