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Welcome to your gateway to the thriving world of Oklahoma's film and television industry in association with the Film Crew Institute, America's fastest growing film training program!


At Filmmakers Ranch, we've teamed with the Film Crew Institute not just to offer you a course; but to extending an opportunity—a chance for you to immerse yourself in a dynamic, industry proven curriculum that can kickstart your journey into this captivating world.

Imagine stepping onto a movie set buzzing with creativity, rubbing shoulders with industry experts, and feeling the pulse of real production. The Film Crew Institute's in-person short courses are designed precisely for individuals like you—passionate, driven, and eager to carve a niche in this exhilarating industry.

Our typical student is... well, not typical. The average age of our students is 32 years old. Minimum age is 18 and we've gone all the way to 78 years old with our oldest graduate now thriving in the Dallas industry. You don't need a degree, you don't need any experience, and you don't need to have been on a film set before. We will teach you everything you need to know to thrive in this exciting industry that is booming in Oklahoma. 

So what sets us apart from other courses? Our focus. Our in-person program at Filmmakers Ranch was built by industry film veterans specifically to cater to the Oklahoma film industry. We're not just training; we're bridging connections and opening doors in a burgeoning industry that's hungry for fresh talent. We're the only course in the great state of Oklahoma that holds all it's courses in an actual working film studio where movies, tv shows, and commercials shoot regularly (talk about an opportunity to network).

If Oklahoma isn't your base, fear not! You can explore the Film Crew Institute's online programs or discover their in-person classes across North America with various film studio partners in other states. The opportunities are boundless, and your journey starts here. Today. Right now...

Are you ready to dive into a world of lights, cameras, and action? Are you ready to earn a living where you get to see your name in the end credits of the next blockbuster movie? Are you ready to believe in yourself and make an investment in your future that is tiny in comparison to the money you could earn in a life long career in the entertainment industry?


Join us with the Film Crew Institute at Filmmakers Ranch , where dreams take shape, careers are born, and the magic of cinema becomes your reality.


Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey into the heart of the Oklahoma film and television industry. Classes get over enrolled quickly so get your name down today...

Acting Workshop


The Authentic Actor
Career Stage: Intermediate & Advanced
(Wednesday Nights | April 2024)
Limited Space

Join feature film director Richard Janes across 4 transformative weeks in this rare opportunity to delve into the essence of authentic acting at its deepest level! Crafted for actors seeking to deepen their on-screen impact, this course is perfect for those with prior camera experience or a substantial body of work eager to flex their authentic acting skills.

In the last session actors are invited to film a dramatic scene in the Filmmakers Ranch Bar Set which they will be able to take home and use for their showreel.

Under Richard Janes' guidance, drawing from his extensive experience training for London's Academy of Music, Drama, & Art, through to directing in Hollywood and Oklahoma, this isn't your typical class—it's a challenge, a playground for actors ready to elevate their craft and push artistic boundaries.

Are you ready to infuse your performances with raw, audience-captivating authenticity? This is your opportunity to redefine your on-screen presence, amplify your talent, and embrace the next level of acting prowess. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to train with Richard—seize it while you can! Your moment in the spotlight is here—let's uncover your unparalleled potential!

Wednesday Nights in April

4/3 | 4/10 | 4/17 | 4/24

7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Cost: $379

Students Must be over the age of 18

Filmmakers Ranch, Sound Stage One

Spencer, 4300 N Post Rd, Spencer, OK 73084, USA

This class isn't an audition or a job opportunity; its sole purpose is for education.


Kick Start Your Film Career
(Two weekends in March)

Welcome to SET READY™, your passport to career transformation! More than a course, it’s a launching pad having propelling hundred's of Oklahoman's into a career in Oklahoma film. 


Our program embraces individuals over 18, boasting an average age of 33, catering perfectly to those with limited experience seeking career inroads and those poised for a professional pivot or having graduated film school but yet to land a job.


Graduates have gone on to work on acclaimed projects such as Tulsa King, Killers of The Flower Moon, and Reservation Dogs to name just a few. 


Join us—a convergence of budding ambition and seasoned expertise—where your journey to success begins. Dedication fuels the ignition, but rest assured, your trajectory toward achievement is set in motion! Plus, be part of the only training course that actually takes place at a working film studio, adding authenticity and hands-on experience to your learning journey!

Two weekends in March

Students Must be over the age of 18

Weekends to be announced. Click the email button below to learn more information.

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Cost: $1,200 (Payment plans available)

Filmmakers Ranch, Studio One

Spencer, 4300 N Post Rd, Spencer, OK 73084, USA


The Art of Sonic Storytelling Art
(Two weekends in January)
Limited Space

15-year 20th Century Fox Sound Department team member Jon Vogl (Twelve Years A Slave) is looking for a small group to dive into the heartbeat of storytelling! Sound design in film, TV, and games is more than technical—it's about crafting emotion through sound. Join Jon in an exploration of sound editing and design for film and TV.

Through hands-on exercises, learn to layer audio for impactful storytelling, understand sound in post-production workflows, and grasp session management and technical editing skills.


The goal here is to elevate your project with a blend of technical know-how and creative thinking.

Who's it for? Preferably for those with basic Pro Tools familiarity, but all using timeline-based sound and picture editing software are welcome.

What's covered?


  • Sound's role in storytelling and its layers breakdown

  • Film Post production workflow overview

  • Session management essentials

  • Dive into psychoacoustics

  • Master dialogue and sound effects editing

  • Explore mixing and final project deliverables

Two weekends Coming Soon

Email your interest below

Cost: $1,250 (Payment plans available)

Students Must be over the age of 18

Filmmakers Ranch, Apex Post Mixing Room

Spencer, 4300 N Post Rd, Spencer, OK 73084, USA


A New Career That Just Adds Up
(Two weekends in January)
Limited Space

Embark on an exciting journey that extends far beyond numbers! Our two-weekend film accounting course not only introduces you to the intricacies of finance in film but also offers a gateway to a broader horizon. While no prior experience is necessary (though a knack for numbers is a plus!), this course serves as a launchpad for those eager to step into the film accounting department, handling everything from petty cash to payroll.

In Oklahoma, this field is buzzing with demand, presenting numerous openings for new graduates. What makes film accounting even more compelling? It's a fantastic pathway toward becoming a producer! As part of the accounting team, you'll gain full visibility into every dollar spent in production. This visibility is the foundation that can propel you toward a future leadership role in film. Join us and kickstart your journey in film accounting, one of the most in-demand entry level jobs available. Again, no accounting experience necessry - isn't that a bonus! 

Two weekends in March

Dates to be announced

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Cost: $1,100 (Payment plans available)

Students Must be over the age of 18

Filmmakers Ranch, Conference Room B

Spencer, 4300 N Post Rd, Spencer, OK 73084, USA

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