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Filmmakers Ranch isn't your typical facility; we stand as a captivating campus meticulously curated by storytellers for storytellers. This distinction defines us. Each year, under the banner of Filmmakers Ranch Originals, Richard Janes & Amy Janes passionately undertake a select few projects to direct and produce right here on the Ranch. Including both documentaries and narratives, our drive is fueled by stories that beckon us to venture beyond the familiar, challenge the status quo, and breathe life into the greatness that resides within each of us.

Cricket Logo Black.png

Cricket Sullivan (Skye Dakota Turner the young Aretha Franklin in RESPECT) is an introverted 14-year-old struggling to come to terms with a broken family.


Drawn to churches as an easy mark to steal candles for her sick mother, she is caught by a grieving choir director and set a penance of polishing the church pews. The most unlikely friendship emerges as Cricket finds her true gift and unlocks a channel through which both student and choir director can face their own fears and emotions.

Director: Richard Janes

Sales Contact: John McGrath, United Talent Agency

Completed Feature Film: 95 minutes

Faculty Lounging Poster.png

In this uproarious TV comedy pilot, two teachers find themselves secretly living in their school's faculty lounge after a string of unfortunate events. Initially hopeful for a temporary solution, our leading ladies quickly realize the comedic challenges of rebuilding their lives on a teacher's salary.


Get ready for a wild ride of laughs, unexpected alliances, and sidesplitting escapades as they turn life's lemons into a comedy cocktail within the hilariously constrained world of academia!

Showrunner: Kate Duffy

Sales Contact: Kristina Sutton Lennon, Focused Artists

Completed TV Pilot: 22 minutes



"Poetic Justice" is a poignant documentary that follows female prisoners as they engage in a transformative poetry class within the confines of their incarceration. Through interviews and intimate footage, the film captures the profound impact of this unique program, providing these women with a powerful tool for self-expression, healing, and empowerment.


The documentary highlights the resilience of the human spirit, showcasing how the written word becomes a catalyst for transformation and hope within the challenging environment of a female prison.

Director: Amy Janes

Camera: Nicol Ragland

In Production: 90 minutes


In a dystopian future ruled by a single mega-corporation, a 17-year-old boy held in cryogenic stasis becomes an unwitting puppet for the malevolent corporate board. A rebel alliance, comprised of societal outcasts, orchestrates a daring mission to awaken the boy and smuggle him out of the city.


Their goal: to help him reclaim his position as the true owner and dismantle the corrupt regime exploiting his identity. Amidst towering skyscrapers and corporate enforcers, the rebels navigate a perilous journey, testing alliances and challenging loyalties

Director: Richard Janes

Feature Film In Development



Hey, Creative Maestro! We totally get that this news might feel like a rain check on your parade, but here's the scoop: our entertainment lawyers in their big fancy offices (they overlook a golf course in Beverly Hills, no less) have given us the "better-safe-than-sorry" talk. Accepting unsolicited materials could lead us into a tricky situation. So, for now, we can't take the plunge into your creative wonders.

But don't be disheartened! If you've got a trusty agent, lawyer, or manager in your corner, give them the green light to reach out to us on your behalf.

We realize this position isn't exactly in keeping with our 'breaking the rules' and 'redefining the industry' modus operandi, so we have some exciting news on the horizon; we're gearing up to launch a script review service real soon! Until then, keep those creative juices flowing, and when the time is right, we'll be here to dive into your brilliance!


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