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Filmmakers Ranch Co-Founder Richard Janes on a Podcast.

Media Kit

Thanks for your interest in Filmmakers Ranch and the exciting work we are doing here. Below you will find information, photos and videos that we hope will help with your story. We add to this regularly. Feel free to use any assets available on this page and do shoot us an email at to let us know that they are being used. We are happy to set up interviews with any of our core team. 



Nestled within Oklahoma's heartland, Filmmakers Ranch stands as a sanctuary for creativity, where storytelling reigns supreme. Their trio of vibrant sound stages transcends being mere structures; they pulse with the eager anticipation of visionary storytellers ready to weave their magic. The Ranch doesn't settle for the ordinary; they provide the works—full grip, electric, camera support, a Dolby Atmos Certified Mixing stage, and a top-notch VFX team in their post-production arsenal. They're not just following the rules; they're rewriting the narrative playbook, diving headfirst into cutting-edge tools and technology to redefine the future of storytelling itself. Picture them as pioneers, sculpting a film studio brand that mirrors the boldness of Walt Disney's genesis and the iconic essence of England's revered Ealing Studio. At Filmmakers Ranch, it's more than crafting movies; it's cultivating a community-centric industry where filmmakers, cast, and crew thrive, fostering a quality of life while producing content that stands apart from Hollywood's big-budget, IP-focused productions. 




The Birth of Filmmakers Ranch: Richard and Amy Janes, two starry-eyed dreamers, found themselves knee-deep in cinematic conversations on their first date in Hollywood, CA. As they sipped on cinematic cocktails and exchanged tales about their love for everything film-related, an idea sparkled between them like a neon Hollywood sign at dusk. Together, they concocted the ingenious name "Filmmakers Ranch," envisioning a kingdom where movie magic frolics and creativity gallops through the plains of imagination. Perhaps one day they could make this a reality...


The Advent of Fanology: Fast forward to a decade later, Richard, Amy, had been building careers at Disney and Paramount Pictures. Together with their producing partner, Harvard Grad and high kick extraordinaire , A.J. Lewis, they had an epiphany that struck them like a rogue clapperboard on a movie set. Amidst the chaotic world of filmmaking, they declared, "Let's wrangle this rodeo with a social media lasso!" Thus, with a sprinkle of stardust and a dollop of determination, Fanology was born—one of the very first social media agencies dedicated to celebrities! Their mission? To unravel the Hollywood red tape and create a direct bridge between celebs and their adoring audience, almost like a virtual red carpet studded with hashtags and likes.


Embracing Oklahoma: With their Hollywood agency buzzing like a hive of hyperactive bees, Richard and Amy decided it was time for a change of scenery. So, they donned their explorer hats and embarked on an epic quest across America, searching for the elusive land of peace and tranquility. Lo and behold, in the midst of their grand tour, they stumbled upon the charming embrace of Oklahoma City! Love at first sight struck harder than lightning, and within a mere two months of their first encounter, they packed their bags, waved goodbye to their previous stomping grounds, and embraced the Sooner State as their new home sweet home.


Oklahoma Ventures & Legislative Twist: Richard and Amy, armed with their newfound Oklahoma zeal, decided to rub elbows with the bigwigs of the Sooner State. Cue the grand entrances of OKC's Mayor Holt and the Lieutenant Governor extraordinaire, Matt Pinnell. As fate would have it, these meetings weren't just your run-of-the-mill chats; they were like scenes from a blockbuster. And just when you thought the cast was complete, in waltzed Melodie Garneau, leading the charge on the state's film evaluation committee.

Now, hold onto your hats, because Richard, Amy, and Mel weren't just sipping coffee and swapping pleasantries. No, they were pulling off the ultimate magician's trick, setting up a Hollywood-style rendezvous for Lt. Gov. Pinnell and other legislators in the City of Angels! Faster than a film reel spins, legislators could see the massive opportunity to diversify the states income and the small Oklahoma film rebate leaped from a modest $5 million per year to $30 million. 


Auction Antics: In a wild bid worthy of its own movie plot, Richard, Amy, and Mel set their eyes on a recently closed school in North East Oklahoma City as a possible site for Oklahoma's first film studio. Armed with determination and auction savvy, they secured the building and began sketching their grand plans under the name Green Pastures Studio.


Covid Curveball: Just when the blueprints were ready to take flight, Covid stormed in like an unruly diva, momentarily pausing the dreams of Green Pastures Studio. The studio, poised for action, was left waiting in the wings for its cue. Was all lost???

Governor's Decree & Rise of Oklahoma Film Industry: Enter Governor Stitt, Oklahoma's unexpected hero, declaring the film industry an essential business during Covid-19, catapulting the state to the pinnacle of film production glory! Oklahoma skyrocketed to the top, stealing the spotlight from Hollywood as the busiest film production state in America, if only for a brief, shining moment. But this moment brought a lot of attention...

New Filmmakers Flock & Workforce Initiative: Like moths to a movie screen, filmmakers flocked to Oklahoma, drawn by its newfound cinematic allure. The state hummed with creative energy, and Green Pastures Studio stood poised for its moment in the spotlight. However, realizing a dire need for skilled hands behind the scenes, Richard sprung into action, creating the Oklahoma Film & TV Academy. Like a maestro training an orchestra, he swiftly turned Covid-displaced individuals into unsung heroes of the cinematic realm, ready to tackle any behind-the-scenes challenge. Hundred's of Oklahoman's began to find work in this new industry.


A Star-Studded Feature Film Debut: The stage was set, the cameras rolled, and the stars aligned as Richard, Amy, Mel and their team, then began to make good on their own dreams of telling stories that can make a difference. Their inaugural masterpiece wasn't just any project; it was a script Amy had been trying to get off the ground since her days at Paramount Pictures; a project called 'Cricket' that would be perfect for Oklahoma. With producing partner Arnold Rifkin (known for his work on "Die Harder" and "The Kid") and with Richard Directing, pre-production began in December 2022 with Production slated for Feb-March 2023.


A Symphony of Sound: As if the spotlight wasn't bright enough, Richard unearthed a sound sorcerer—Jon Vogl. This sound veteran from Hollywood's 20TH CENTURY FOX had a treasure trove of expertise and a sound facility nestled in New Orleans. Richard, with his persuasive charm, lured Vogl to launch Apex Post at their Oklahoma City studio, erecting the state's first Dolby Atmos and Hollywood-grade sound post-production facility. But the plot thickened! Nathan Gardocki, Oklahoma's most experienced Unit Production Manager and a titan in the grip and electric equipment domain—Oklahoma's largest rental house, no less—sought a new home for his empire. Like a cinematic magnet, Gardocki's company aimed to merge its brilliance with the burgeoning studio and set up shot on the film studio lot.

The Grand Rebranding of Filmmakers Ranch: In late 2023, with the studio evolving, it underwent a rebirth. Out went the new, in came the old—the original "date-night" name, Filmmakers Ranch, reemerged. This wasn't just a studio; it was a collective gathering some of the Midwest's brightest film vendors, creative minds, and top-notch facilities, all converging under one roof.

The Future

2024 and Beyond—Dreams Ascend: In the realm of cinematic dreams, Filmmakers Ranch is setting its sights beyond conventional success; their aspirations soared higher than a superhero's flight.


With blueprints unveiling plans for an 18,000 sqft sound stage, a companion 9,000 sqft stage, and a 20,000 sqft support building for the construction and art department, the Ranch is poising itself to become the epicenter of cinematic creation in the midwest.

But this isn't just about structures or square footage. It's an invocation to all dreamers, visionaries, and storytellers worldwide.


Filmmakers Ranch is sending an invitation, an open cosmic call reverberating across continents, summoning creators from every nook and cranny of the globe who want to do things differently.


Beyond the bricks and mortar, it is beckoning filmmakers, dream weavers, and those with a penchant for shaping narratives to partake in a grand collaboration—a mission to forge a new dawn in filmmaking.

Brand Assets

Brand Assets


Brand Guidelines


All of the official guidelines for how to use Filmmakers Ranch Assets  can be found here, along with all the information you need about our graphic elements and the philosophy behind them.



Here you'll find all our various logo lockups both as jpgs and pngs and in different colors to match your creative needs. Don't change our logo with these and third party use is only for editorial purposes. 


Filmmakers Ranch Fonts

Here's a download of all the official fonts we use around around our brand. Make sure to reference the Brand Guidelines to insure you are using them in the correct way. 

Photo Assets

Feel free to use these images for editorial purposes with credits listed per the description if any are listed. If you are looking for anything else please let us know.


Video Assets

Feel free to use these (uncolored and no sound post) short video clips from the Film Crew Institute's SET READY class. Use is limited for editorial purposes with credit to Film Crew Institute (Oklahoma). This was all filmed at Filmmakers Ranch.

If you are looking for anything else please let us know.

You can watch below and download a 1080p HD file here.

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