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Lights, camera, action! Welcome to the Filmmakers Ranch Feature Film Production Grant, your gateway to turning cinematic dreams into reality. If your making an indie film budgeted under $750,000, we've got your back! Our grant unlocks access to our top-tier facilities and cutting-edge equipment, offering partial or full discounts in exchange for a stake in your project's success.

But here's the inside scoop: Our grants are turning heads globally because, frankly, there's nothing quite like them out there. To ensure we're partnering with projects poised for success, we're seeking applicants with a bit of hard money already invested. That means real investor funds or presales—show us you're serious about bringing your story to life.

While state and city incentives sweeten the pot (soft money, if you will), we're here to amplify your vision further. On a case-by-case basis, we're open to cash-flowing those state and city rebates for any expenses incurred at the Ranch. After all, every cinematic masterpiece deserves robust support.

Here's the kicker: When you qualify for our low-budget feature film grant, you're not just getting discounts and resources. You're getting the full force of the Filmmakers Ranch team behind you. Our seasoned experts boast experience in production, marketing, distribution, and sales. Many of our team's films have graced the stages of the world's finest film festivals, and you'll tap into this incredible brain trust.

Our production grants are coveted for a reason: they're a game-changer. So, if you're ready to make cinematic history, ensure your project has some financial traction, complete the form below, and let's embark on this exhilarating journey together! Lights, camera, grant—let's create movie magic! 🌟🎥

  • Who can apply for the Filmmakers Ranch Feature Film Grant?
    The Filmmakers Ranch feature film grant is open to commercial feature films (both narrative and documentary) with budgets under $750,000. We classify a commercial film at having a minimum run time of 85 minutes and being intended for a possible wide release both domestically and internationally.
  • Can students and apply for this grant?
    The feature film grant is intended for established filmmakers who have, ideally, already demonstrated an ability to make a feature length film and have it distributed in the marketplace. We do accept applications from first time filmmakers however they must have some experienced team members attached to the project.
  • Can I apply for post production only?
    Yes. We are able to support a small number of films that have already completed principal photography and need post production support.
  • What kind of projects are you looking for?
    We're on the lookout for talented filmmakers with bold voices and passion projects that genuinely need support. Filmmakers must have a body of work to show in their application and there must be proof of some financial attachments to the project.
  • Can I submit more than one project?
    Currently, we review only one project per submitter. Choose the one you're most passionate about and that has the most third party financing attached.
  • Can I re-submit a project I've submitted before?
    While you certainly can, unless the project has evolved significantly, it's unlikely to present differently to our reviewers.
  • How much is the grant worth?
    The level of support we provide hinges on your specific needs. Should you choose to film on our stages, utilize our camera, grip, electric equipment, establish your production office with us, and engage us for audio post-production, this comprehensive package can easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • How much profit participation do you require?
    This varies depending on the project. For some projects we would be deferred in a first position and in others we are positioned pari passu with your other investors.
  • What do I need to provide in the application?
    The first step is filling out our online application. The more information you can share the better. We looking for information about you and your project that includes budget, timeline, cast & crew, previous work, etc. Again, the more details, the better!
  • When should you apply?
    You can apply at any point throughout the year providing you have some financial commitments already attached to the project. These need to be bonafide letters of intent.
  • Does the project have to shoot in Oklahoma?
    Yes, the project must shoot in Oklahoma and would have to shoot at least some of the production on the lot at Filmmakers Ranch. The exception to this is with post-production only grants. Principal photography for these projects could happen anywhere in the world.
  • Do you provide cash as part of the grant?
    No. Our grant only applies to the use of our studio, equipment, production offices, and post-production. All other costs of actors, crew, art department, transportation, meals, accommodation will have to be paid for by the production.
  • Should the director or producer submit the application?
    It's flexible. Some sections need responses from the director(s), but much of it can be completed by a producer or another collaborator on the filmmaking team.
  • Does the Director, Producer, or writer need to be Oklahoman?
    While our focus is nurturing the Oklahoma film industry's growth, we highly encourage hiring local Oklahoma Heads of Department (HoDs), cast, and crew. While we prefer having some above-the-line talent from Oklahoma, if you're committed to engaging Oklahoman talent in key roles, we'll positively consider your project. However, if your intention is to bring in an entire non-local team, it might not align with the criteria for this grant.
  • I know someone at Filmmakers Ranch, should I reach out and let you know I am submitting?
    Sure thing, don't hesitate to get in touch! It's important to mention that reaching out won't grant any special advantage in the selection process. All submissions go through the same form and undergo rigorous assessment by multiple reviewers, focusing on each project's merit and financial potential to return funds to Filmmakers Ranch.
  • My budget is over $750,000 can you still help?
    When your budget gets over $750,000 that's when you can begin to pay commercial rates for our support and services. We will always work with you depending on your budget and completely understand that a $1M movie is very different from a network TV show. All we can say is talk to us. Additionally, we do have avenues to pre-fund the Oklahoma Film Rebate and the Oklahoma City Rebate depending on how much of our facility, equipment and services you are using. In many cases we can beat most third party rebate lenders.
  • Why are you guys providing this rebate?
    In essence, supporting independent artists fuels the expansion of the Oklahoma filmmaking community. Our focus is on fostering growth through local labor engagement, elevating Oklahoma crew members into crucial department roles, and empowering homegrown producers, writers, and directors to launch projects that garner attention and expand budgets over time. Think of it as planting seeds—we're dedicated to nurturing your growth alongside the industry's evolution. We're invested in your success and the growth of this vibrant industry!
  • Have another question?
    Shoot us an email at We're here to help!



Embarking on a journey of passion and perseverance, director Kyle Roberts brings "What Rhymes with Reason" to life, a tale nurtured within the vibrant hub of Filmmakers Ranch. This project, born long before the chaos of the pandemic, blossomed into a collaborative marvel, uniting local filmmakers and investors in a spectacular showcase. Picture this: a high school senior named Jesse navigating the murky depths of depression, joined by childhood pals on a wild mountain escapade. Through this trek, the film unravels the tangled web of youth, the wilderness mirroring the challenges of growing up. Roberts, with infectious enthusiasm, insists this flick isn't just a story; it's a lifeline for teens facing real issues. It's about sparking the conversation they've been yearning for in a language they understand. Cheers to 70+ Oklahoma talents and the flick that's shining a spotlight on the tricky road to adulthood! 🌟🎬

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